Bathroom Grab Bars


July 24th, 2012 by


Caregivers of loved ones who are concerned with safety in the bathroom and are considering their options may want to addbath safety rail to their list of options so their loved ones will be safe and comfortable in what can be a slippery environment. You can purchase a bath safety rail from a reputable resource online such as Amazon, or purchase one at your local hardware store but there are a few features to consider before making your purchase.


There have been two recent events in my life that have made adding a bath safety rail to our bathrooms a priority. The first was a couple months ago when my adult sister fell in the shower and thankfully only had bruising after the fall. We were grateful that the bruises were the only outcome, however we realized then that a safety bath rail would have been very helpful in avoiding the fall. The second event that made me aware of bathroom safety is concern for my parents as they mature. This is also a major concern in their case because their bathroom has a slippery tile floor. When I began researchingbathroom safety I realized that persons of all ages can benefit from installing this bathroom safety option.


After visiting many websites, I realized there are many uses for a bath safety rail including providing ease of entry and exit into the tub as well as stability during a bath or shower. I also found there are several available features to consider including handle height adjustments, rotating handles, dual installations, and degree of support. And one of my favorite finds is the bath safety rail that is specifically designed for toddlers to aid them when entering and exiting the bathtub.


If you are currently researching bathroom safety for your family or loved ones or would like to know more about adding abath safety rail, visit for more information including specific features and models. For what can be a small investment there is the huge benefits of peace of mind, comfort and safety for you and your loved ones.