Bathroom Grab Bars


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Caregivers of loved ones who are concerned with safety in the bathroom and are considering their options may want to addbath safety rail to their list of options so their loved ones will be safe and comfortable in what can be a slippery environment. You can purchase a bath safety rail from a reputable resource online such as Amazon, or purchase one at your local hardware store but there are a few features to consider before making your purchase.


There have been two recent events in my life that have made adding a bath safety rail to our bathrooms a priority. The first was a couple months ago when my adult sister fell in the shower and thankfully only had bruising after the fall. We were grateful that the bruises were the only outcome, however we realized then that a safety bath rail would have been very helpful in avoiding the fall. The second event that made me aware of bathroom safety is concern for my parents as they mature. This is also a major concern in their case because their bathroom has a slippery tile floor. When I began researchingbathroom safety I realized that persons of all ages can benefit from installing this bathroom safety option.


After visiting many websites, I realized there are many uses for a bath safety rail including providing ease of entry and exit into the tub as well as stability during a bath or shower. I also found there are several available features to consider including handle height adjustments, rotating handles, dual installations, and degree of support. And one of my favorite finds is the bath safety rail that is specifically designed for toddlers to aid them when entering and exiting the bathtub.


If you are currently researching bathroom safety for your family or loved ones or would like to know more about adding abath safety rail, visit for more information including specific features and models. For what can be a small investment there is the huge benefits of peace of mind, comfort and safety for you and your loved ones.



Bathroom Safety


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Bathroom safety is important for everyone, but it is especially important for someone with any type of permanent ortemporary disability. If you think about it, the bathroom can present many dangers with sharp edges, slippery floors, limited spaces, etc. A large part of your independence rests on being able to use the bathroom in a safe way.


Primarily it boils down to stability and keeping your balance while performing basic tasks in the bathroom. Being able to safely get up from the toilet, get in and out of the bathtub, or enter or exit the shower is key to avoiding injury and being able to maintain your independence.


Two of the most basic ingredients to make your bathroom a safer place are grab bars and raised toilet seats. But there are others, such as bath seats, transfer benches, and hand-held showers.


  • Wall grab bars – the great thing about these is that they offer the balance and stability right where you need it. They come in a variety of  lengths and attach to the wall with screws. You could put one next to your toilet making it easier to get up or sit down, or one or two in the shower or bath allowing you a place to grip for added stability. They can be mounted at any angle. It’s all up the user where to mount them but take great care to properly install them into wall studs or use heavy-duty wall anchors. If you are not comfortable installing grab bars, get professional help. Any handy person or contractor should be able to help. Improperly installed grab bars could end up being a safety hazard
  • Tub grab bars – typically these attach to the tub wall with clamps and rise above the tub by up to a foot or more allowing you a place to grip while you swing your leg over into the tub (or out of it). Most of the clamps are tightened by hand making them easy for just about anyone to install.
  • Floor to ceiling pole grab bars – these work in many areas of the home but especially in the bathroom. They are simply wedged into place by twisting the pole. Since no drilling is required, you can take the pole down and move it to another location if you wish. Since they don’t mount to the wall you could put one in front of toilet for example.
  • Raised toilet seats – These simply attach to the toilet either with thumb screws (for locking models) or rest on top of the toilet with gravity holding it in place (the existing seat and cover is removed). A raised toilet seat can add up to 6″ height to your toilet making it easier to sit down. They are easily removable for cleaning. Some models feature built-in handles that rise up on the sides for added grip while sitting down or standing up.


Devices like grab bars or raised toilet seats are an inexpensive and easy way to improve safety your bathroom. Take some time to investigate which of these items might be right for you!



Maintenance-Free Smooth Surface


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In addition to tile, granite, and natural stone products, OC Contractor specializes in the installation of many smooth surface materials. Some of the more popular ones are: Cultured Marble, Staron, Corian, and LivingStone.
Each smooth surface has distinct qualities and may be a good option for your project depending on the look you are trying to achieve. You may select Granite for your kitchen countertops, but decide to install tile or cultured marble in your shower. Many times, it comes down to budget or the look you want.


Whatever you decide, OC Contractor will advise you about the advantages and qualities of each product and help you achieve a beautiful, functional kitchen or bathroom.



Shopping at Home


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Yes, it’s true. Not all folks enjoy shopping for their bathroom and kitchen projects. So, for those of you who prefer to “shop from home” we bring the selections to you.
We make the process easy by breaking down each choice into understandable segments. Starting with surface materials and progressing through the finishing touches; it’s easy when you have an experienced, licensed craftsman to guide you.
For those of you who like the “hands on” approach, you can visit our showroom to see how the whole process comes together.



Working One Job At a Time


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If you’ve ever experienced a delay in construction, you know how upsetting it can be for the entire family. We don’t begin your project until we have all the materials on hand, and we don’t pull off of your project once we’ve started construction.
We are working your job every day attending to all details so you don’t have to! This unmatched method gives you top priority and we are able to focus completely on all details which results in a beautifully completed project in a short period of time.



Father and Sons Operated


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A true family business, OC Contractor is owned and operated by Dan Bolohan and his sons. Their shared philosophy of unmatched service and craftsmanship at competitive prices unites both the family and the business.

You will benefit from OC Contractor’s 30 + years of continuous turn-key service throughout Orange County. Call us today for a FREE estimate and you’ll quickly see why so many Orange County homeowners choose OC Contractor for their bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects.



Free Estimate and Consultation


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We don’t charge for estimates – never have. During your first appointment we’ll discuss your needs, take measurements, determine materials, assess any personal safety issues, and review layout options.

Your estimate will be dictated, transcribed, and sent to you by email, fax, or presented in person. This makes the entire process easy and will provide you with focused options that will result in a beautiful and competitively priced outcome.