Residential bathrooms often need adaptation if an elderly person wants to stay at home and remain independent. OC Contractor can ensure bathroom access and safety using many innovative techniques.

Bathtub Safety

Bathtub Safety Treads
Falls often occur as people get in or out of the tub. Non-slip rubber treads in the tub can help prevent falls. We Bathtub Safety Treadsrecommend treads instead of bath mats because there is no extra maintenance involved. Bath mats require occasional cleaning and this may be difficult for older folks.


A non-skid, latex-backed bath rug on the floor outside of the tub can help provide firm footing and increase bathroom safety.


Safety bars
Grab bars around the bathtub are a necessity for safety.

OC Contractor professionally installs grab bars. Under no circumstance should towel rods or improperly installed grab bars be used as bathtub aids. They will not support a person who loses balance.


Two types of grab bars are needed in the tub area for proper safety:

Safety Support Grab Bars

  • One for getting in and out of the tub from a standing position
  • One for lowering or raising the body to or from a seated position

    Different types of bars and poles are available from OC Contractor. The type, number and positioning of supports will depend on:

  • The wall space around the tub
  • The wall structure
  • The plumbing arrangements
  • The mobility of the person(s) using the tub

Tub Seats
A variety of adjustable-portable tub seats, chairs and benches are available if sitting down in the bathtub is difficult. Many manufacturers now offer "tub lifts" which employ a battery or electrical component to automatically raise and lower a person into the tub.


When using these seats in the tub, a hand-held shower head is almost a necessity to direct the water where needed. OC Contractor can install all of these products for you.

Shower Seat Shower Head Bathtub Lift Seats

Shower Safety

Shower Safety Treads
We recommend non-slip rubber safety treads in the shower for the same Shower Seats and Support Barsreason they are recommended in tubs. Water and soap can combine on the shower pan and create a slippery surface. The treads give good traction to help prevent this type of accident.


Shower Seats and Support Bars
Some folks prefer a built-in corner seat or bench seat in the shower area. OC Contractor will design your shower area to suit your individual needs. If a built-in seat is not an option due to space limitations, there are many portable shower seats that can be purchased and used in the shower area.


Other Safety Options
OC Contractor will help adapt your bathroom to all of your needs. In addition to the options highlighted above, we can advise you about ADA comfort-height toilets, flooring considerations, easy-g.html handles, and more.